Your Mission

To build a model of a dwelling that is environmentally sustainable and affordable for a particular region of Canada.

To do this you must first research your region and become informed on the various aspects that will affect the design and construction of this dwelling (such as climate, topography, economy and standard of living).

You must also understand environmental sustainability and “Green Building” (check the World Book Online encyclopedia “Living Green” for help).

Once you have completed your research and planning you must construct a model of your dwelling (house) using a variety of materials such as popsicle sticks, wood, clay, or anything recycled (not limited to these items).

Subject Area Breakdown

Social Studies and ICT: Create a graphic organizer to help you research and organize the answers to the questions provided.

Math: Design and draw scale drawings of your dwelling, meeting the requirements outlined. Use the templates and rubrics provided to guide your progress.

Science: Plan and build an environmentally sustainable and affordable dwelling (house) for your region.Use the templates and rubrics provided to guide your progress.

Language Arts and ICT: Respond critically and reflect on the progress of the project through your individual blogs. Create a backboard and present your group’s completed project to a panel of dignitaries at the Year End Symposium on June 24. See “Checklist for Presentation” for the criteria of your backboard.

Symposium: In the gymnasium tables will be set up for you to display your backboard and model.You will be expected to discuss your project with a panel of guests and justify the choices for your project.


Day 1
Groups formed
Jigsaw on Speakers

Days 2-3
Begin Research on region
Begin research on sustainability and affordability
Start dwelling drawings
Plan construction of model
Complete Blog entry 1 - June 16

Day 4-5
Complete building model
Complete backboard
Complete Blog entry 2 and 3 - June 18
Research and drawing completed - June 18
Complete Final Blog June 23
Set up in gym – June 23 PM

Day 6
Finish up any uncompleted components (AM)
Presentations take place (PM)

Here are some downloadable files for the following items: