English Language Arts
The English component of this project requires you to complete two tasks – maintaining a ‘blog’(independently) and marketing your final project (as a group).

This year, every grade nine student has been required to start and maintain an educational blog on ‘Landmarks Class Blogmeister’.You will be continuing this same blog for the purposes of processing and reflecting on your learning throughout this project.You will be required to write a total of four blogs over the course of the project.While you will be working together with your group to do many of the other tasks, this is a chance for you to independently think about your work.It is expected that each student complete their blog individually. Blog prompts and criteria are listed below.

Marketing your Work:
On Thursday, June 24th you will be displaying and presenting your project in the gym.There will be school staff, parents, and special guests circulating to see what fine work you have accomplished.This is your chance to shine!We want this to be a celebration of your learning and a chance for you to share what you have achieved.As this occurs, for English we will be assessing your ability to communicate your ideas.We will look at your backboard display and consider your oral communication skills while you present information and answer questions about your project.See the attached criteria checklist and rubric for further details.

Year-End Project Blog Prompts

1) Activating Blog (June 16th pm)
What region of Canada did you choose to focus on for the year end project?Why did you choose this region?What do you already know about this area?What do you hope to learn through this project?

2) Research Reflection Blog (June 18th pm)
Discuss what you have found through the research you have done on your chosen region.Did you find the information you expected? Did you find anything especially interesting or unexpected? What are some difficulties or roadblocks you have come to in your research?How have you dealt with these problems?

3) Environmental Sustainability Blog
(June 18th pm)

After researching sustainability and environmental factors, what options did your group come up with and what decision did your group make in protecting the environment and developing sustainable housing?
The content of this blog may be assessed for Science outcomes.

4) Project Reflection Blog
(June 23nd pm)**

Discuss your final products – your backboard and your dwelling – including the process of creating these products.How did group members contribute to creating the dwelling and backboard?How did you go about making decisions in your group?How do you plan on presenting your products on the 24th?If there was anything you could change about your project at this point, what would it be?

Here are the Checklists for the Blogs and the presentation: