The Science component of the Grade 9 Year End Project will require your group to find out what Environmental Sustainability is and how it can be achieved in an affordable way when constructing housing in various regions of Canada.
You will be required to construct a model of an environmentally sustainable and affordable dwelling from your 2-D drawings.
Your group must first think about the definitions of “Environmental Sustainability” and “Affordability” and how those definitions apply to housing in your region.

Your model does not need to be “to scale” mathematically, however doors, windows and other components should LOOK properly scaled (this is called relative scale).

When planning your dwelling your group must consider the certain building requirements such as:

Building Materials

And one of
Flooring OR
Lighting OR

Your group must also decide whether the materials you use will be reused, recycled or new and these choices need to be justified with FACTS (that means you need to do some research! World Book Living Green: Green Building can help you with that.)

Once you have planned your dwelling, check to see if it is affordable or if you need to adjust your choices and justifications (see the cost scale on the next page).

Finally build your model. Don’t forget that it should resemble your 2-D drawings and incorporate the decisions you made in the planning (if you choose to use bamboo flooring or solar panels, make sure this is labeled on your model). Use any materials you can find to build your model, they only have to represent your choices (they don’t have to be real bamboo flooring!).

Here is a downloadable version of the Science Graphic Organizer: