Social Studies
The social studies component of the Grade 9 Year End Project will have your group considering a number of ethical and moral questions surrounding the sharing and distribution of Canada’s wealth and resources. You will be working in groups, conducting research and preparing various maps and charts to find out:

  • How much money the private sector spends to alleviate poverty?

  • How much each province or territory spends on welfare payments?

  • The percentage of Canadians living at or below the poverty level.

  • How Canada’s poverty level compares to those of other developed nations?

  • If a particular ethnic, cultural or racial group has a higher percentage of its people at or below the poverty level and how this group compares to other racial, ethnic and cultural groups across Canada.

  • The reasons why certain ethnic, cultural and racial groups have a large percentage of their population living at or below the poverty level.

Through this project, it is hoped that you will develop a good understanding of the causes and effects of poverty and come up with creative solutions /ideas as to what we as Canadians can do to curtail and eventually eliminate poverty in Canada and around the world.

  1. How much does the federal government spend on job training and unemployment insurance?
  2. How much does your region / province spend on welfare payments annually?
  3. Where does Canada stand in the developed world with respect to its poverty level?
  4. Create a graph detailing the cultural, ethnic, and racial groups and their percentage of people suffering from poverty.
  5. Find out how much money is contributed by the private sector to those in poverty.
  6. How many aid facilities are there in your city / region / province?i.e.soup kitchens, hostels, etc.

Here is the Graphic Organizer Template for you to download: